Dinner with a View



   A couple of weeks ago, we had an amazing experience that I feel like we have to share! Sean and Tara made us reservations for the incredible Dinner with a View. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a one of kind dining experience that travels to different cities. The one in San Diego was held in Liberty Station. The food comes from a local surprise chef. Now, you don’t just get to enjoy amazing food. You enjoy this amazing food inside of a private, clear dome under the stars. Picture a big see-through igloo (but not nearly as cold or wet!). The views are unforgettable, the food delicious, but for us, the company was the best part! 


To make the night even more special, the chef for the experience was Chef Claudette Zepeda of El Jardin Cantina. As you true fans will know, we were in LOVE with El Jardin. We wrote a blog on it previously. We were crushed when it closed, but then excited when it re-opened as El Jardin Cantina. So to be able to have her cuisine in this unreal setting was very magical. The meal started with some warm yeast rolls and a cold bean salad with mushrooms. Very flavorful and a good way to get the juices flowing. I should add we also had a few cocktails while we waited. We, of course, got the one most similar to an Old Fashioned. 

The way the meal works is the menu is a complete surprise, but you get the option of meat, fish, or vegetarian. Shockingly, we went meat. And boy, are we glad we did. The meat was a braised short rib in a curry sauce over a creamy root vegetable purée. The meat was so tender- you barely needed a fork to cut through it. The curry sauce was unbelievable. Perfect balance of spice and sweetness. The kicker was actually the pepitas on top. Just the right amount of texture to really kick off the dish. 

Dessert was extremely unique. To be honest, I don’t remember much of what was in it because I inhaled it so quickly. There was a honey cake with apricot sauce and a rich, dark chocolate mousse. I am sure there was more to it- but all I remember is the incredible juxtaposition of flavors. A perfect little marriage of sweet and tangy. I practically liked the bowl clean.

Our night at Dinner with a View was one of the most incredible times we have ever experienced. It is definitely a night we will never forget. Thank you to Sean and Tara for making it happen! If you ever have an opportunity to have this experience, we recommend you do it! Also, check out El Jardin Cantina for some great, fun flavors! 

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  1. Don says:

    Sounds amazing. Real foodie perfection in your own personal snow globe. Hardest part must’ve been leaving.

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