The Prado- Balboa Park


Ian and I have been two busy bees over the last few weeks (or months). We finally decided to set aside some time last weekend to have a date night. We got all dolled up, saw a movie at The Lot (Joker- reviews were mixed on our ends, I will spare you the details), and then grabbed a nice, romantic dinner at The Prado in Balboa Park.

This was actually our second time at The Prado, and we loved it both times. We strongly recommend making reservations so you can sit on the back patio. The patio is beautiful, romantic, and scenic. We have been lucky enough to be seated next to a fountain! We recommend starting your meals off with a nice cocktail and the Caesar salad. The dressing has a hint of roasted poblanos. I am also a big fan of the whole hearts of Romaine. If you share it, they split it into two plates for you! 

So, as adventurous as we both are, we actually have ordered the same entrees both times we went! To be fair, we did switch who ordered what! The real start of the menu is the mustard crusted pork chop. It is perfectly cooked and then crusted. The cider mustard sauce on top is pure magic. It’s creamy, tangy, and delicious. The sour cream mashed potatoes are smooth and perfect. The arugula peach salad with tarragon dressing is a nice light touch. The red wine braised short ribs are also great! Melt in your mouth tender rich meaty goodness! Again, the mashed potatoes are the perfect compliment! I wasn’t crazy about the ratatouille side, but Ian enjoyed it! 

We were too full for dessert, but they had some really good sounding options. This is the perfect spot for a nice date night! So grab your boo and go eat some yummy food!


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  1. Nice! Although we go to Balboa Park all the time, it’s been years since we’ve eaten at the Prado, might have to go back, sounds great!

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