Who are we?


Welcome to our humble little blog! Our names are Ian Bassett and Arielle Damm, and we are lucky enough to live in San Diego, CA. More specifically, we live on the border of North Park and South Park. During the daytime, Ian makes his living as a classically trained guitarist and music teacher giving private lessons in people’s homes. He performs in a duo with his twin brother, Sean. Arielle, practices as a small animal veterinarian in Ocean Beach. By night, we are both registered foodies who love trying new places.

It all started with a list. After a year of long distance dating, Arielle packed up her two dogs and moved from Beaufort, SC to live with Ian in San Diego in February 2017. Knowing how much Arielle loves food (and how overwhelmed she was by the big move), Ian made a list of places to eat and sights to see in San Diego and the surrounding areas. We agreed not to be that couple that only eats at the same few places in their hometown. We decided that San Diego is too full of amazing places to eat at the same mediocre places twice. As we began to work our way through the list, we had a thought. Because recommending all of the delicious places we have tried to our friends and family was just not enough for us anymore, we decided to start a food blog to help spread the word to other people. Whether it be other couples looking for date night ideas, friends searching for new spots to try together, or just curious foodies, we thought our list could help people decide what places they should hit in San Diego. After all, there are new restaurants and breweries popping up on every corner here! That’s what makes it so great!