Turf Supper Club- Golden Hill


Everyone should know by now that Ian and I love old aesthetics. We love blasts from the past. Especially ones that have stood the test of time and come out largely unchanged. For a while, Ian has been telling me about Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill. It is a funky, old school joint complete with vintage drinks, retro decor, and cook your own steaks. We eased our way into it at first and just went for drinks and dessert. I loved the vibe so much, I insisted we go the next week for dinner! 

Turf Supper Club is an old school place through and through. From the outdoor neon lights, to the padded bar stool, this place makes you feel vaguely reminiscent of an early American gangster. I strongly recommend starting off your evening with an Old Fashioned. Simple, but a classic.

As I mentioned, Turf Supper Club is a cook your own meal sort of place. Their claim to fame is the steak. Ian and I both got the special of the night- the 16 ounce bone-in bourbon teriyaki ribeye. Ian got his with a side salad, and I got mine with a baked potato (this is very typical of Ian and myself). So they bring you your marinated steak, and then you walk over to the communal grill and grill that baby up! You can season it as you see fit. It’s fun and allows you a nice level of control! Of course, the only downside is that there is no one else to blame besides yourself if you mess it up…the steak was great (because I cooked it – Ian)! It was beautifully marinated, juicy, and delicious! We wolfed ours down. Also, I have to say the baked potato was perfect in every way. Exactly what you want with a steak (sorry Ian, salads have NOTHING on potatoes. NOTHING.) You also get a hunk (like imagine French prisoner rations in the 1700s) of garlic bread to grill up with it. So you know I was happy.

Last fun thing of note is the dessert. Of course! So they serve cheesecake from The Incredible Cheesecake Company on Adams Avenue. Haven’t heard of it? Neither had we! But WOW! It lives up to its name. The first time (whoops..) I got the Java Chocolate Chunk. It was incredible… get it? Amazing, creamy texture. Nice coffee flavor. Think chocolate chunks. Amazing chocolate crust. The second time I got the lemon ricotta cheesecake. This one was yummy in a different way! Tart, creamy, smooth. Also, the price was hard to beat! I want to try every flavor on their long, exhaustive list! 



The aesthetic at Turf Supper Club is honestly hard to beat. At first, I was like why would I pay to cook my own food? BUT, the price is right and the environment is even better. Maybe we will even become regulars!!

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