Brunch in the Crown Room- Hotel Del Coronado


Last weekend was a big milestone for the Dineamic Duo. We finally crossed a big one off the list – one we have talked about since the beginning! I am, of course, referring to having brunch in the Crown Room of the Hotel Del Coronado. As you all know, we are ritzy enough that we did stay one night there last year. The really boujee thing to do however, is to have brunch at the Crown Room. After years of pining after it, we finally decided to treat ourselves and eat there! That’s exactly what we did! We ate plate after plate until we both were stuffed to the brim! 


The brunch at the Crown Room is something to behold. That giant, beautiful, wood-paneled room is chock full of delicious food, sweet treats, and oh yeah… bottomless Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. The statement pieces of the room are the beautiful crown shaped chandeliers (which is how the room gets its name). They were designed by L. Frank Baum (writer of the Wizard of Oz series). Fun fact, did you know L. Frank Baum got his idea for the Emerald City from the Hotel Del Coronado? Cool, right? (Read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson to see where Walt Disney got his influence for Disney’s aesthetic!- I) Anyways, while the chandeliers are jaw-dropping, the real show stoppers on Sunday are the dazzling displays of food. Luckily, my main photographer (aka Ian Bassett) documented the sights for us.



It blog would be insufferably long if I went into detail about ALL the food we ate (and saw) there. So, let’s hit the highlights. Without question, the best thing there were the waffles. They are Belgium style with crunchy, deliciously sweet pearl sugar beads. You are welcome to top them as you please- we chose whipped cream, berries, and syrup. I would put it in the top five waffles I have ever eaten. Worth the $98 alone (along with the mimosas). I also enjoyed the poke- though I would go for the ahi tuna over the salmon. Seafood lovers will have no shortage of choices at this buffet. Don’t worry landlovers (i.e. Bassett bros), there are plenty of meat options, including a whole carving station! Ian also enjoyed the sopes with carnitas and I enjoyed the green salsa Chilaquiles. I made myself a nice cheese plate with local cheeses, jams, and delicious candied nuts. How else do you start off a fancy brunch? The dessert tables were something else to behold. Every single dessert we tried was fantastic. Especially the little smores copycat dish. Oh yeah, can’t forget to mention they had a WHOLE CASE OF GELATO and a cotton candy machine! The children were very pleased (as were we!). 


I could go on and on, but I think I will save it for you to experience yourself. Yes, it is pricey, but it is worth it! So put on your Sunday best, grab your partner in crime (thanks for always being mine, Ian!), and head to that grandiose building with the famous red spires. Don’t forget to have a few Bloody Mary’s or mimosas while you are at it!

Special thanks to Sean and Tara, for financing (via birthday gifts) this wonderful adventure!

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  1. Althea Bassett says:

    One more place to eat on bucket list for Bassetts! Looks fantastic!

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  2. What a treat! It’s been years since I’ve brunched there, glad you enjoyed!

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