Pomegranate- North Park

Pomegranate is a restaurant I have been dying to try for well over a year now. I had seen pictures on instagram, heard whispers, and driven by it a million times. So finally, the stars aligned and Ian and I dragged our friends Lashley and Andy over to El Cajon Boulevard to check it out. 


Pomegranate is a Russian-Georgian restaurant serving amazing comfort food and good drinks nestled in a quaint, eclectic setting. It feels very much like a family owned restaurant from the moment you step in the door. You are instantly set up to eat your typical Mom-and-Pop food, but no! The food is exquisite and could come from a fine dining establishment (except with actual, human sized portions). Personally, I have never eaten Russian (or Georgian) food, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is hearty, stick to your ribs kind of food. Every bite is bursting with flavor and exuding comfort at the same time. I honestly felt sleepy halfway through dinner. 

We started our meal with the Adjaruli- a little boat made of bread filled with hot, melty cheese and topped with a raw egg. When it comes to the table, you stir the hot cheese up with the egg and it cooks it all together into a beautiful, delicious experience. Lashley was an excellent cheese stirrer for us. We also got the pierogies which were topped with caramelized onions and sour cream. They were some of the best pierogies I have ever had! A little thicker dumpling than you usually get with other types of pierogies. I should also mention the bread they give you is perfect- crusty with a soft inside with amazing herb butter.

The good thing about going to dinner with four people is that there are more dishes to try! I, of course, got the beef stroganoff. Most incredible stroganoff I have ever tasted! Creamy, slightly tangy, and homey with perfectly tender beef. Loved it. Ian got the village style cabbage rolls- these were definitely the best we have ever eaten (I can’t stress that enough, one of the best dishes I’ve eaten! – Ian). The sauce was packed full of flavor and complimented the meaty inside to a tee. Lashley got the Tabaka- which came on a plate that was actually SET ON FIRE. It was a spatchcocked Cornish game hen with a deliciously tart pomegranate glaze. Andy ordered a lamb shank cooked in a hearty broth with delicious vegetables. Very tender and not gamey at all. 

We were all thrilled with our food. I honestly could not tell you which dish I liked the best. Each bite was mind blowing and made you go back for more. I ate myself silly, and then repeated the next day with all my hearty leftovers!

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  1. Althea Bassett says:

    Next visit to SD, this is a place to try!

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  2. Don says:

    Sounds like a “must – do”. Next time I am even near SD I am heading there!

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