Good morning, everyone! Did you get some rest last night? Are you ready for the second day of our imaginary trip? Let’s get out there and pretend to see the city!

We tend to plan our days around big, hearty breakfasts. After all, it is the most important meal of the day! (Side note: we listened to a podcast once that said scientists have proven breakfast is NOT any more important than other meals, that was just a really well thought out marketing campaign by some cereal companies. Isn’t that interesting?!)  Ok, for a fun and delicious breakfast, let’s head over to Kings Inn in Hotel Circle. Why you ask? To check out a delicious hidden San Diego gem. The Waffle Spot is one of our favorite breakfast spots… wait is that too redundant? Whatever. It’s an incredible old school diner whipping up tasty waffles, breakfast dishes, and some Mexican classics! We like to get the chicken and waffles (see previous blog for more details), but substitute the churro waffle! The banana nut waffle is also sublime (and a little lighter!).


All right, all right. I’ll admit it- I packed your first day pretty darn full. Cut me a break though! This town is INCREDIBLE and I want to show you as much as possible! We will take it a little easier today, I promise. We are going to head out to Cabrillo National Monument. For some views, hiking, and maybe even some whale sightings. In my opinion, Cabrillo is one of the most beautiful places in San Diego. The lighthouse is stately and gorgeous, and the views from the top of the hill are stunning. There is a slight entrance fee (so bring cash), but it is worth it. I also recommend taking a hike down the trails and going to go see the tide pools. It is also one of the best places from the shore to see the grey or blue whales on their migration (we have yet to see one, but that’s ok!).


Once you have had your share of views and have gotten a little exercise, let’s get you some food! If you are in the mood for a second coffee, swing by Better Buzz on your way out of the park. Can’t decide what you want for lunch? Everyone in have a different opinion? I have the spot for you! Head over to Liberty Station in Point Loma. Liberty Station is without a doubt one of my favorite spots in San Diego. It has a little bit of everything. It used to be an old military barrack that they converted into different restaurants, shops, museums, and even a movie theater. It is such a good idea, and such a good use of recycled space. Head over to the Mess Hall, called “Liberty Public Market,” for some good food and drinks. It basically is an adult playground and food court all in one. A couple of highlights include the arancini, the empanadas, Stuffed burgers, and Mastiff sausage. The best way to do it is to get a little bit of everything.

After you eat, walk over to Stone brewing and get a beer. The outdoor bar area is gorgeous. In the summer, they show outdoor movies! It’s awesome! Except for the planes flying overhead (luckily they do subtitles).

Ok, where next? Depending on how you are feeling, I recommend a couple of things. You can go down to Ocean Beach and check out the pier, local shops, and breweries. You can walk Sunset Cliffs. Or you can head down to Mission Beach to check out the sites and sounds over there. It is a very interesting spot.



Dinner time! Again, I will offer you some options. If you are in Ocean Beach and you don’t mind some lines, go to Hodad’s. A San Diego classic with some monstrous burgers and killer sides. A personal favorite of Guy Fieri. If you feel like a little something more exotic, go to OB Noodle House and get the wings and pho. The lettuce wraps are also awesome! Don’t forget the peanut butter whiskey shot! If you are near Point Loma, go to the Embargo Grill and get the Cuban! Then, walk next door and get a Cravory cookie! The Regal Beagle is also a good locals area to get a craft beer and some lowkey (but amazing) bar food.

If you aren’t too tired, go check out the nightlife in Ocean Beach or Gaslamp area! If you are young and spry, go to Pacific Beach! Ian and I are too old for that scene, but a lot of people really enjoy it!


(not a Christmas photo…it’s supposed to be old man Ian…)

The last day of your trip starts tomorrow! We have some good stuff in store, so hang in there! Thanks for joining us!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Loved the churro waffles, I have tried to replicate but not quite like theirs. Thanks for all the great info!

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