Three Day Weekend In San Diego


Hi team! We are going to try another little experiment this week. Inspired by this week’s three day weekend, and a little encouragement from a fan (Hi Don!), we are going to use this blog to help you plan your next long weekend in sunny San Diego! As we have mentioned before, we love hosting people and showing them around our fun city! We love packing a long weekend full of site seeing, day drinking, and of course- food! So we thought we would outline a typical weekend trip with y’all in case you were in the mood for some inspiration!

We are going to break this bad boy up into a three part series! That way you don’t have to read my endless ramblings for too many pages!


San Diego is a huge city filled with many different neighborhoods. To an outsider (or myself), they can be a little confusing! A lot of people will choose to stay downtown or in Little Italy. Both great options! If you want a more unique (and cheaper) experience, then we recommend you check out one of the quainter neighborhoods. We are partial to South Park, but North Park and Normal Heights are also great! Check out AirBnB for some good choices! Or come check out our guest room! Just kidding! Though it is decorated beautifully if I say so myself… If you have some spare money lying around, go ahead and splurge and stay at the Hotel Del! It is pricey, but totally worth it! Coronado is a great little spot, and you can take the ferry across the bay to downtown!



Let’s get your little vacay started! Now, this trip may be imaginary, but it is based in some actuality! We have basically done slight modifications of this trip several times over with different friends and family. Sorry y’all, I would like to pretend each trip was based on new ideas… but, we tend to copy our biggest hits! The different company is what makes each trip unique and memorable! We LOVE guests!

Anywho, let’s get moving on our day! How about a quick little breakfast and coffee to get the juices flowing? We recommend grabbing a donut (or two) from Nomad Donut in North Park! My personal favorite is the ube taro, whereas Ian prefers any of the jelly filled ones! Their donuts are distinctive and ever-changing! They also have great coffee as well! I like the Panther’s Milk- an iced espresso drink with condensed milk! The latte list is full of fun choices!If you’re a bagel person, they have in house fresh made bagels as well.  

Feeling energized by your sugar and caffeine? Feel like doing a lot of walking? We recommend you start your trip at the San Diego Zoo! It is the biggest zoo in the country, with some of the most immersive exhibits. For true animal lovers (like ourselves), it is a great way to learn more about some of the most intriguing animals in the world! Also, they have plenty of craft beer, so there is something for everyone! You will need a good five or six hours to see all of it. Insiders’ tip: go see the cheetahs! There is a little, amazing surprise there! You won’t be disappointed! Make sure you take a walk through Balboa Park while you are there too! There is a cute little coffee cart in front of El Prado restaurant that has a great matcha latte!


Feeling hungry for some lunch? Since you are in the area, head over to The Taco Stand for some tacos, burritos, and elote! Your visit is not complete without the elote, I promise! The tacos are reasonable priced and delicious! Do the Sonora taco. For sure.

Ok, since you are in North Park, start hitting some breweries, my friends! San Diego is known for its craft beer. San Diego has over 120 craft breweries! Each one brings something different to the table. In our opinion, North Park has some of the best! Start at North Park Beer Co. They have a huge selection with great decor and atmosphere! Next, head over to Belching Beaver. Whatever else you do in San Diego, your trip is not complete unless you get the Peanut Butter Milk Stout on Nitro. I’m not kidding. I guarantee it will be one of your favorites. Even if you don’t like stouts. Take it from me! This beer changed my opinion on stouts! It’s creamy and tastes just like a thick peanut butter milkshake! Ok last beer stop, go to Poor House brewing. This cozy little brewery has an amazing selection of small batch beers. Maybe you will be lucky enough to be there when they have the marshmallow stout! It is my all time favorite beer! One of the bartenders even recognized me as “the chick who likes the marshmallow beer so much.” That’s right, if Dineamic Duo fails me I will always have Marshmallow Girl as a fall back.


Ok for dinner, we are going to give you some options. See what you are in the mood for at the time. Want a greasy neighborhood spot? Head to The Friendly for some great pizza and greasy flat top burgers. Weird combo, but it works! Want some homey Hawaiian food? Check out Chris’ Ono Grinds right next door to Poor House. Get the Huli Huli chicken! It is charred and deliciously seasoned. Or, if you are not sick of tacos yet- go to Cantina Mayahuel and get either the tacos or the tortas. Check out the blood orange margarita too!


Finish up your night with two more things (if you have room!). Head over to An’s Dry Cleaning for some delicious gelato. Truth time- we found this place before it got huge and it is amazing! They walk you through their quirky menu items in a quick taste tasting experience from heaven. I like the rosemary olive oil the best! And finally, grab a quick nightcap at Polite Provisions. This funky cocktail bar is my favorite in the city! The drinks are fantastic and the decor is perfect in every way! Old timey art deco meets hip modern design.  I want to just live in there and never leave!

Ok, day one of your journey is coming to an end. Pour yourself in an uber, take a Tums, drink some water, and get some rest! We will see you bright and early tomorrow morning! Tune in next week for day two!

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  1. Althea Bassett says:

    YOu make it all sound ymmy! The zoo is the best, Balboa Park is fun for a stroll. Tried the Hawaiian BBQ place last week and it did not disappoint! Thanks for taking me there. Althea

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    1. Althea Bassett says:

      Forgive the typos in above comment. . .

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  2. don says:

    This adventure could also be titled “3 days to cardiac arrest” – cholesterol levels off the charts by day 3 no doubt. Maybe best to bring a friend certified in CPR. Sounds like an incredible day one. Can’t wait for 2 and 3!

    Liked by 1 person

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