Day 3


Who is excited for the last day of our fake trip? Or are you just excited for our little experiment to be over? Personally, I’m a little bit of both! Just kidding, I love hosting both real and fake guests!  Today is going to be a little bit more relaxed than our other days. Today is the day to soak up the San Diego sun and see all the things you haven’t gotten to see yet.


May we suggest you start with a leisurely brunch in Coronado? Perfect if you are staying there! If you really have some cash to spare, splurge and do brunch at the Crown Room at the Hotel Del Coronado. If you do, let us know how it is! We have not saved up quite enough to do this yet! (I think it is almost $100/person). We have seen pictures though- they have a donut bar with an exorbitant amount of topping choices! Bloody mary bar, pastries galore, so many delicious looking choices!

(No Pictures available…feel free to send us moolah so we can take some for you!  Instead, enjoy this picture of Ian’s worst fear)


Want a more lowkey brunch spot? Check out Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. Their Bloody Mary’s are TO DIE FOR! The food is delicious too, we recommend the Chilaquiles or French Toast. Sit on the porch out front and watch the passerby’s on Orange Avenue. Want an even more lowkey spot? Go to Night and Day Cafe. There are only like twelve seats in the whole spot, so try to get there at a good time. Also, do yourself a favor and split a meal because there portions are huge! You won’t make it through the day if you eat your own!


Time to go take in some sights! Walk around Coronado some. Check out the beach, the shops on Orange Avenue, and the shops at the ferry landing. Maybe even hop on the ferry to downtown and spend some time shopping, day drinking, and eating. The Gaslamp is worth the time. There is even a Ghirardelli. Go get a sundae or some ice cream!


Got some energy left in you for one last adventure? Head up to La Jolla to see the beautiful California coast! Make sure to check out the Children’s Pool- it is where the Harbor Seals take their seal pups to rest and be safe. Go check out the smelly sea lions while you are at it! But please, don’t be that person. Please give them their space and let them be wild animals. Maybe explore the cove or rent a kayak. You can also enjoy our favorite past-time of walking around the shops and being reminded of your own poverty! It’s fun and you only cry a little on the inside! Before you leave, grab a drink at George’s on the Cove. We like the top level, but anywhere you can appreciate the view is worth it!

All jokes aside, if you get a chance to visit San Diego, do it. It is a gorgeous city with plenty of things to do and explore. You will gain a few pounds, and maybe want to pass up on drinks for a few weeks to come, but who cares. Life is short. Take an adventure, consume some excess calories, enjoy yourself and don’t apologize for it. Also, if you are lucky enough to live here in San Diego, don’t be ashamed to enjoy some touristy stuff every now and then! If you can’t be a tourist in your own city, you will miss out on some of the more interesting aspects of it! We hope you enjoyed this little adventure! We would love any suggestions on what great cities to enjoy next!


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  1. Althea. Bassett says:

    Looking forward to next San Diego visit. These are great ideas for places to visit and eat.

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