Tacos, Cookies, and Beer


Today’s installment of Dineamic Duo is going to be a little bit different. Instead of talking about one place or restaurant, we are going to talk about an experience. A very San Diego experience. I thought it would be a fun reprieve from listening to me pretend to know how to properly describe my culinary experiences. We wanted to detail our amazing Sunday last weekend here in the fantastic city of San Diego. We decided to explore a neighborhood we don’t spend much time in- Barrio Logan.

What originally got us down to Barrio Logan last weekend was an event at one of our favorite breweries. Thorn Street Brewing was hosting a Girl Scout cookie pairing with their lovely beers. Since we have never checked out their Barrio Logan location, we decided to make a day out of it.

We started our day at Salud SD tacos. We were lucky enough to beat the monster line that formed behind us. One bite of their tacos was proof that they are worth the wait. The breakfast taco was one of my favorite tacos I have ever had. A fresh made flour tortilla, soft fried egg, chorizo, crispy bacon, cotija cheese, and avocado. It was fantastic. Ian got the birria taco (pork cooked in mole sauce), the al pastor, and the califas (carne, fries, and the works on a flour tortilla). They were all unique and chocked full of flavor. We made a nice base for our cookies and beer to come later.

We walked through Chicano Park on our way to Thorn Street. The park is beautifully colorful and vibrant with its large murals and motifs. We actually got to witness a celebration with traditional dancers. It was mesmerizing. It is amazing to see so much culture and love in one place.


Finally, we got to our Girl Scout cookies and Thorn beer. This consisted of four five ounce beers paired with four different Girl Scout cookies. Brilliant and simple, am I right? Ian’s favorite beer, the Rock the Pale Ale, got a new partner in the S’mores cookie. The citrusy IPA worked performed with the Savannah Smiles lemon cookies. What goes perfectly with a milk stout? Why a Samoa of course! And finally, ye olde standard, a tagalong, with an Imperial stout. One tough beer, but a yummy cookie. Of course, we had a few of our favorite beers afterwards because why not. It was a beautiful sixty-five degree winter day in San Diego, what else is there to do but to drink beer and enjoy times with friends and family?


To round off our perfect day, we ended up at Coin Op downtown for some yummy cocktails and video games. For nerds like us, this is the primo cherry on top of the geeky sundae (or should I say- Sunday afternoon?!). Our fun-filled day is yet another example of what an amazing city San Diego is and all the incredible experiences it has to offer. I dare you to be bored on any given weekend here. If you are, you just aren’t looking hard enough for stuff to do! So keep up with the local news, social media, and all that jazz. Get out there and experience something new today! And if you do, shoot us an invite! You know we are always down for a new adventure!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Wow what is better than a girl scout cookie? Cookies paired with beer! I am leaning towards the Savannah cookie pairing or possibly the Tagalong. Art work beautiful , tacos looked Amazing! Thanks for the blog.

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