Curryosity- South Park


Ian and I love living in South Park. It’s hip and fun, but still quiet and removed enough to not have to deal with any mayhem. The one thing we always say though, is that we are somewhat limited in good restaurants close to home. We typically go to North Park or Normal Heights to get some quick and delicious food. Also, some of the buildings close to our house have been empty for quite some time due to issues with increasing rent. It’s such a waste because they are great locations, just sitting there begging to be made into something trendy and great. A few months ago, one of those poor empty spaces finally got a face lift and a new owner. That space became Curryosity.


Curryosity is an Indian restaurant specializing in great vibes and yummy food. Their menu is not your typical Mom and Pop Indian place, but is modernized with some good funky/fusion items. It’s beautifully decorated and very inviting. The back room (where we ate) has low tables with small couches that you can recline on and enjoy your dinner in a more intimate setting. Personally, I have always wanted to dine sitting on the floor, so it made the experience more memorable for me.


Ian and I were blown away by the vastness of the options, so we elected to split a meal and a generous amount of appetizers. Hence why we asked for a bigger table when we sat down! Anyone who has ever eaten with us knows we get a little carried away with ordering.

IMG_0827We started our meal with vegetarian samosas stuffed with potatoes, peas, and spices. They are expertly cooked and served with two perfectly paired dipping sauces. We also split the curry fries and the dynamite wings. The dynamite wings are great. The kicker is the yogurt and spice marinade. The curry fries were a fun fusion dish. The spices of the curry complimented the crispy waffle fries to a tee. I think our waitress thought we were insane for ordering so much, but you best believe we all but licked the plate. We then split the chicken masala. It is creamy, slightly spicy, and flavorful. The saffron rice soaks up all that yummy sauce gorgeously. I strongly recommend the garlic naan. Nice bit of char with the little chewy texture. The cheese naan is also highly addictive. I think next time we go we will try the dessert samosas!

Curryosity is the fun little spot we needed close to home. The food and atmosphere fit the South Park vibe exactly. So if you’re looking to spice up your night, head over there and check it out!

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  1. Althea. Bassett says:

    Will go there definitely! Food looks delicious.

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  2. Cathy says:

    Sounds unique!

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