Dunedin – North Park


(Editors Note – Sean, not Ian, wearing a Captain Kiwi shirt)

The topic of today’s blog is redemption. Sweet, sweet redemption. The restaurant in today’s blog is one we have wanted to write a story on for quite a while. However, it never felt quite right. We loved the food every time we went, but the service was not great. We didn’t feel right sending people to a place that wasn’t 100%! So this weekend, we saddled up the Prius, roped in Sean and Tara, and headed back to Dunedin to give it another chance. It wasn’t just good, it was mind blowing! We had an excellent meal with great service and wonderful company in a spectacular atmosphere.


(Editors Note:  Not the Dineamic Duo, Sean and Tara!)

We were lucky enough to score seats at the firepit table out front of the restaurant. It was beautiful. Really set the scene for a fun evening. Sean, Tara, and I all got the meat pies and fries. The meat pies are flaky, warm, and comforting. The fries are thick, potatoe-y, and delicious. I should add, Tara was born in New Zealand (where her mother and mother’s family is from). So straight from the Kiwi’s mouth, these meat pies are good. Personally I like that they fit in my hand! Ian tried something new this time. He got the McDowell’s burger. Basically, a fancy, glammed up Big Mac burger. This thing was delicious. Two big, juicy patties with cheese, special sauce, onions, pickles, and lettuce on a yummy toasted bun. He said it was his new favorite burger!  A perfect combination of nostalgia and class, taking the original McD’s classic to a whole new level. I have also had the fish and chips from there which were pretty good! The menu is pretty big, so I am sure you can’t go wrong whatever you choose!


Yet again, I saved the best for last. You know what my all time favorite dessert growing up was? S’mores! So I had seen this s’mores dip dessert on Dunedin’s instagram and I had been DYING to try it. So we ordered it for the table. It does take about 15 minutes to prep, but every one of those minutes is worth it. It comes in a cast iron skillet. The bottom is melted, decadent chocolate. The top layer is expertly toasted marshmallows. They serve it with graham crackers (of course). I recommend it as an open faced S’mores. It is incredible. Rich, warm, melty deliciousness. It’s messy, but who cares. You feel like a kid again. I recommend pairing it with one of their brown ales or stouts. I found the Maduro Brown Ale from Cigar City Brewing to be the perfect match!

So, grab some friends and head down to Dunedin for a good time. Now that the service reflects the food, we highly recommend! We have also been dying to try their brunch. They have fried chicken and Dutch babies!

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  1. Cathy says:

    All the desserts I have made and Smores are your favorite! Haha

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    1. Arielle Damm says:

      I love any of your cakes too!

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