URBN North Park


I’m embarrassed, ya’ll. I have gone on and on about how much Ian loves pizza, but I have dropped the ball on writing blogs about our top pizza places.  This week, I strive to right that wrong. We are going to talk about one of our favorite, go-to pizza places- URBN in North Park.


URBN has New Haven style, coal-fired pizza. The thin crust is chewy on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside. The pizza is inventive and creative. Anything you can think to put on a pizza, they do. In fact, one of our favorites is the mashed potato pie. It’s simple, really. A white pie with mozzarella, bacon, and mashed potatoes. It’s garlicky, warm, and filling. It comes with some sort of sauce (maybe like a ranch or aioli) for dipping, and man does it work. P.S. the pizzas are ginormous. We accidentally got a large once and wow did we have leftovers (pizza is the best leftover BTW). The peppered salami is also delicious. It’s the grown up/fancy pants version of a pepperoni pizza.


The cocktail and craft beer selection is also phenomenal. Try the Coal Fashioned- a smoked Old Fashioned with vanilla bitters. This drink goes down smooth. Nice sweetness to balance out the smokiness and bite of the bourbon. We have had a few of these in our day. 

I’ve saved the best for last. What can I say, I have a flair for dramatics. THE BEST thing on the URBN menu is the S’more Pizza. Oh yes my friends, that’s right. A mash-up of the most nostalgic dessert as well as one of the best dinner staples. The first time I ate it, I knew my life would never be the same. Sometimes we go JUST for this pizza. (Ok, ok we will have a few drinks too.) They take that awesome dough and coat it in cinnamon and sugar. THEN, they top it with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Finally, they cook that bad boy in the coal fired oven. The chocolate chips get melty and soft. The marshmallows caramelize and turn golden brown. They even give you whipped cream to dip it in! OMG It’s amazing! The only thing wrong with this pie? They downsized it! The first time we got it, it was giant! I was thrilled! The last two times we got it, it was smaller (and the same price). Probably better for my waistline, but my heart was sad. It is totally still worth it though! If you ever have a bad day, please go get this. It will make you happy! Tell them The Dineamic Duo sent you! (And they will say, “Who?” But that’s ok, it will make us feel cool.)

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  1. Don says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm. All the time I spend in SD and just HEARING about this super pizza place via a blog! A must do.

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