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For this week’s installment, we are going to take a little trip down memory lane. Back in the day, Ian used to have to walk uphill both ways (on my hands, to save my shoes of course – IB) to his college classes at SDSU. One of his favorite places to take his horse and buggy to for some provisions was Trujillo’s down by the campus (did I mention he is older than me and I like to rub it in?) . Trujillo’s is a taco shop that specializes in crazy, off-the-wall burritos and funky combinations. Long haired Ian (that one isn’t a joke) and friends spent many a days nomming on some hella good burritos and drinking some beers. Ian decided after a year of me being here, it was finally time to introduce me to this legendary spot. So, we met his friend and old college roommate/drinking pal, Pat Comer, for a meal and some catching up.


Trujillo’s is your typical hole-in-the-wall taco shop. It looks exactly how you would expect a joint that caters mainly to hungry college students would look (and it hasn’t changed at all, despite the rest of the area changing immensely – IB). The best thing about the place is all of the specialty burritos, combinations, and inventive dishes they have to offer. Most of them are named after different fraternities or sororities. We each got something different and exciting. Ian got a burrito that was basically a California burrito, but crazier. It had your typical players- carne asada, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, bacon, and fries. Instead of a plain old tortilla, that bad boy was wrapped in a jumbo quesadilla (healthy fats – IB). Aww yeah it was good. I got the Sigma Chi- a crunch wrap, but unlike it’s  fast food equivalent it was actually delicious and fresh. It was California style with fries and all of the fixings. The kicker was the crunchy tostada shell inside. Honestly, it was amazing. Pat got the ultimate California treat. The Sigma Nu- a Cali burrito WITH A ROLLED TACO IN IT. You heard me right, a rolled taco. What more could you want? It’s like my two favorite taco shop items rolled into one. Get it? Rolled? Ha, I slay myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the food, and the company, at Trujillo’s. It’s exactly that down and dirty Cali taco shop you crave. You definitely don’t leave hungry! If you’re older folks like us, then you also don’t leave feeling light and energized. College kids can handle a bit more than us old farts!


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  1. Don says:

    Did Ian mention how long he spent at SDSU? Maybe it was to savor the quality cuisine.

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