Torpasta – Point Loma

We have established over the years that I love carbs more than most people, right? I cannot think of a time where I have turned down extra bread when offered at a restaurant. If there is a chance for me to stuff my face with pasta, you best believe I am going to take it. So what if I told you I found a place that is every carb-lovers’ dream come true? A place so magical that they actually put pasta dishes… into torpedo rolls. That is right- pasta in toasted garlicky bread goodness. I mean… seems like a perfect slice of heaven to me! 

This glorious, ingenious restaurant is called Torpasta- Divine Pastabilities. It is a tiny little place over in the Midway District. We recently checked it out,and can’t wait to go back! They offer more than their famous Torpasta dishes. They also have appetizers, salads, pizzas, and regular torpedos. We really want to try the Torsalads- especially the Antipasto one! So what did we try, you ask? 

We we started with the bread holes. Another genius idea! They take the cores of the torpedo rolls they use and toast them up with garlic and butter and a side of marinara sauce. Perfect way to start off your carb-y meal. We then got the garlic fries. So garlicky and yummy! Nice crispy fries with a very generous amount of Parmesan cheese, garlic, and seasoning. Ian got the Mike’s Meat Lovers Lasagna torpedo. Stuffed to the brim with meat lasagna, two different kinds of sausage, and pepperoni. It was meaty, cheesy, and delicious! I went with the classic spaghetti and meatballs. Also very good! Way heartier than Ian’s, and way more satisfying to my inner child. The meatballs were very smooth and flavorful! I would probably recommend adding cheese to it to add another level of yumminess. 

In summary, Torpasta lives up to the well-deserved hype! My worst fear was that it may just be gimmicky without having the flavor to back it up, but luckily that was not the case. The sauce was well-seasoned and the pasta was cooked well. Each individual part shown through evenly. No ingredient was overshadowed by another.

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