Toast – Carlsbad

IMG_2682Did y’all know that breakfast is not actually any more important than lunch or dinner? That whole thing was just a marketing ploy made by the cereal companies of days past to get people to eat more cereal! Isn’t that interesting? That being said… breakfast is the BEST meal of the day. It’s fun and exciting and there are so many different ways you can take it. Sweet, savory, rich… mix and match to make your favorite! We are constantly on the lookout for new breakfast/brunch places to try. So when a new spot opened up near Sean and Tara’s house, I knew we had to check it out! 

Toast is a new gastropub located up in Carlsbad. It has a very large and diverse menu. As the main implies, you come for the toast. BUT you stay for the benedict’s and sweet dishes. The decor is funky and bright. There is actually a fake cow in the lobby. The drink menu is extensive with lots of options including a green Bloody Mary (or, even a delectable Irish Coffee, pictured below!).


The first time we went, none of us actually go the toast! I think I won dish of the day. I got the Eggs in Purgatory. Basically a shakshuka dish with pork belly in a sourdough bread bowl. Delicious, smoky, and flavorful. Oh yeah, and huge! Ian got the short rib Benny- served on grilled sourdough with a Harissa hollandaise sauce. The benedict is served with their delicious potato balls (picture bite-sized fried mashed potato balls) and a teeny chocolate covered apple (?!). Yes, you read that right. They give you a tiny little chocolate apple with your meal! Great, smooth chocolate and tart green apple. Sean and Tara went the sweet route (keep your jokes to a minimum, Bassett family). Sean got the Elvis French toast- Brioche French toast stuffed with brûléed bananas, peanut butter, and bacon then drizzled with honey. OMG was it good. Tara chose the red velvet pancakes- rich, beautiful, and sweet! (How I would like people to describe me one day BTW). We also got a free duck quesadilla for checking in on Yelp, so don’t forget that tip!

The second time we went was for Father’s Day (Yay Don and Dave!). This time, I got the toast! I got the smoked salmon toast with jalapeño cream cheese, pickled red onions, hard boiled egg, capers, and dill. It was exactly what you would expect and crave! The toast was perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Nice and thick! Other dishes we tried included the chilaquiles (very delicious- great green sauce!), the plain Jane (bacon and egg breakfast), and the good ol’ Benny! Ian and Don both got the southern fried benny- crispy chicken, garlic spinach, béchamel, poached eggs, and scallions on a cheddar cornbread. It was awesome! The cornbread was the true winner there. I would eat it plain and by the skillet full! 

Even with all the different food we have ordered there, we have not even touched a third of the menu! So we need your help! Go check out Toast and try some of the other menu items. Then, tell us what you think! We always value opinions and recommendations!

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  1. It looks so amazing!!

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