The Nood Bar- North Park


Each year, we revamp the list to add new additions based on friends’ recommendations, Instagram posts, and places we have seen along the way. We make the new list each year in February on the anniversary of my move to San Diego. (Yes, we are cheesy. Get over it.) Sometimes however, we randomly try a place that is so good we change things up a little. In these cases, we will “write in” the restaurant and then cross it off after the fact. We have only done this a few times in delicious, wonderful cases. This restaurant is is one of those cases! In fact, it was SOOO good that I ate there two nights in a row! (Don’t judge.)

One lonely weekend, Ian was out gallivanting on a bachelor party, and I was alone and hungry. He told me to order something I usually don’t get to eat when he is around. My first thought was sushi, but then I decided to order some Asian food! Ian is more of a pizza or Mexican food guy. I had been eager to try this new place I had seen on 30th called The Nood Bar. So I placed my order and went to pick it up. I ate all my food and loved it so much that I took Ian the next night! He really wanted to try it after I couldn’t stop raving about it. He was thoroughly impressed too! Honestly, I can’t wait to go back again.


The menu at The Nood Bar is so varied, that I tried very different items both nights. HOWEVER, the one thing I ordered both nights (I tried desperately not to, but they were too darn good) were the cream cheese avocado wontons. Y’all. These are a game changer. Picture the normal cream cheese crab rangoons, but better! Simple, yet utterly delicious. Just creamy, cheesy goodness with avocado (so no seafood for you landlovers- aka Ian) fried in a crispy wonton wrapper. The first night- I ate all six. The second night, I had to share with Ian. Boo hiss. The second night we did also get the Szechuan spicy chicken wontons. The spicy Szechuan sauce was perfect. Perfect amount of heat, flavor, and savory. It lessened the sting of having to share my avocado ones.



Even though I could probably gorge myself on just the appetizers alone, let’s move onto the main events. When I ordered out, I chose the “build your own noodle soup” option. I did the milky pork broth with chicken wontons and ramen noodles. OMG, this has become my new favorite ramen broth. It is creamy and porky with the perfect touch of toasted garlic. I slurped and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Also, you get like six wontons! What could be better?! Honestly. Ian got the Dan Dan noodles. Perfect mix of ground pork and Cha Shu pork with delicious noodles and a nutty, creamy sauce. The sesame paste really is the kicker. I chose the Drunken noodles with chicken. Delicious flat noodles with perfectly seasoned brown sauce. The Thai basil really brought it to the next level. We both basically just shared the dishes because we liked them both equally.


I look forward to exploring the whole menu. The Nood Bar is dangerously close to our house, so I know we will be frequent flyers. Maybe we will see you there!

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