Corvette Diner- Liberty Station


Who doesn’t love a good themed restaurant? Growing up, my family was obsessed with Rainforest Cafe. Something about those animatronic animals, fake thunder, and tropical sounds were just really soothing. Since then, I am a sucker for a good themed restaurant. Call me cheesy, I don’t care. So where can you go in San Diego to scratch that itch? How about Corvette Diner in Liberty Station?!

Corvette Diner is a 50s themed restaurant packed full of good food, fun times, entertainers, and music. Oh yeah, and a giant arcade…fun! The staff is sweet, hilarious, and stick to the theme. They used to greet you by transforming your hair with straw hairdos, though I am sure they probably don’t do that anymore (eco-friendly and all). The place is huge! Each room has a slightly different theme. One room is mainly decorated with blacklight decor!


Let’s get to the food. Are there people who don’t like diner food? If there are, we do not know them. And we are not them. Burgers, chili, fries, sandwiches, oh my! Naturally, we both got burgers. Ian got the Rory. A classic burger topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and peanut butter. Wait what?! You heard right… peanut butter! Weird, but works great! Almost gives it like a Thai taste. Creamy, nutty, and yummy! For his side – Ian had a question, the waitress had an answer…the chili fries were the side to get man! That chili is baller! Smothered in cheese, it’s a perfect chili cheese fry.  I got your basic bacon cheeseburger and it was an instant classic. I opted for the tots. Crispy and tater-y!


It’s not just about the food. There are also milkshakes. Because come on, what kind of diner would it be without a milkshake?! They are thick, sweet, and perfect. Oh, and you can mix and match flavors!!! They are huge, so we recommend you split one! 


If you want some old school fun, then head over the The Vette for a good time! We guarantee that you can’t help falling in love with it! Get it? An Elvis reference for you!   

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