Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge- Coronado


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y’ALL! As all our dear followers know, we recently spent a romantic (and slightly spooky) night at the Hotel Del Coronado. You can read all about our adventures in our previous blog on the matter! Well, I left out one important part so I could talk about it in this week’s blog! Our incredible, amazing brunch at Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge!

This was not our first rodeo at Leroy’s in Coronado. We have been a couple times now, and we absolutely love it! From the yummy brunch options, to the full beer and cocktail menu, to the homey vibe- it has never disappointed us! To top off this experience, we ate on their little patio this time and that fully completed the experience! We even sat by a cute puppy so you know I was excited!

It is best to start off your brunch at Leroy’s with a drink of some sort! Be it their incredible coffee, mimosas, or their large selection of Bloody Mary’s, you won’t regret it! We personally recommend the bacon Bloody Mary. Complete with bacon infused Vodka made in house. It’s the perfect hair of the dog to jump start your morning.


My cousin Raymond and his wife Christiana recently recommended we try the deviled eggs at Leroy’s (y’all know it’s my Achilles heel), so we decided to start out our meal with them. These aren’t just regular deviled eggs. These are made with garam masala and mango chutney. Sounds odd, but it works together beautifully. You get the masala on the end for a nice exotic finish. We demolished ours within five minutes.

For the main event, Ian got the Chilaquiles (which is what I got last year). It is flavorful, fresh, and exciting. The chips stay crunchy, the meat is tender (adobada!), and the toppings come together for a fiesta in your mouth. This time, I tried the French toast (I’ve been on a French toast kick lately). It was warm, thickly sliced brioche French toast topped with stone fruit jam, maple cream, and bourbon maple syrup. The absolute best part was the maple cream. It was thick, creamy, and delicious. All together, it was like French toast and donuts had a baby. Fronuts maybe? Did I just create the next food trend?! I loved it. I devoured the giant stack like it was nothing. Other yummy things on the menu we have tried include the beef sugo hash and the steak and eggs.

Leroy’s is the perfect spot to brunch and overcome your Sunday morning hangover blues. They also have dinner and happy hour, but you know us, we are brunchers through and through!

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