As promised, here is part two of the Dineamic Duo World Tour! While we were in Spain, we made a little day trip by car, ferry, and camel to Morocco. Tangier to be exact. We had a few hiccups getting there, but luckily the day was saved (by me!) and we made it into Morocco in one piece! We had an amazing private guide named Said (pronounced “sigh-yed”) who toured us around the town and to some surrounding local spots. He also took us to some amazing local spots for some incredible cuisine! He was even a personal guide for Sting and Bruce Springsteen at one point in time!

We started off our day in Morocco at a small local cafe for a quick breakfast. The breakfast consisted of delicious locally grown olives, scrambled eggs, Moroccan pita bread (which is different– fluffier and whole grain), and soft camel cheese. The camel cheese was soft, tangy, and slightly sweet. Picture a more flavorful cream cheese. My favorite part was the Moroccan mint tea. We each got little individual tea kettles full of the hot, sweet, minty tea. Of all the tea I have ever had, that was the best I have ever experienced.

Our tour continued through the local marketplace were we saw local fare including fresh nuts, dates, fruit, and meat products. And I mean all meat products. Moroccans truly do not waste anything! I will not get into detail to spare our vegetarian/vegan follows (I’m sure that bridge has been long burned). We then visited a lighthouse, the Cave of Hercules, and saw the beaches. Oh yeah, and we got to ride camels. It was an exciting experience! Camels are funny creatures. Definitely not as smooth to ride as horses.


For a late lunch, Said took us to a nice restaurant in the Casbah with “a million dollar view” to taste some local dishes. We had chicken tagine, chicken with couscous, Moroccan vegetable soup, and baklava. The best thing was the chicken pie we had– chicken with the Moroccan 35 spice blend baked in a phyllo dough crust and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Sounds weird, but it was delicious. Perfect blend of sweet and savory. Most interesting part of the lunch? The snake charmer that put on a private performance for us in the restaurant. Yes you read that right. And yes, it was weird. So weird.

We had a spectacular time in Morocco. The people were friendly and the sights were beautiful. If you are ever in that part of the world, we recommend you take the ferry across and check it out! Definitely go with a guide though. We strongly recommend Said!

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