Salt & Straw- Little Italy



This is a first for the Dineamic Duo. We’ve never done a post completely dedicated to ice cream! Which is incredible because we eat it ALL OF THE TIME. The place up the street from us used to know us pretty darn well. So when Salt & Straw opened a location in Little Italy the buzz it created had us very curious. Again, the Bassett elders beat us to the punch (they may or may not be hipper than we are NBD) and tried it before us. Their rave reviews only fueled our fire. So we headed to Little Italy to try it… and were met with a crazy line. All the way around the block! Again, we tried with the same results. Eventually, our hope was lost. Until Ian’s birthday, when we decided to go late afternoon. We were able to walk right in! It was a huge triumphant, perfect for Ian’s birthday!

When you finally get into Salt & Straw, the first thing you notice is the amazing smell. Fresh baked waffle cones, sugar, cream- basically everything magical. Then, you notice the impressive menu selections. The nice thing about Salt & Straw is that you can get one scoop (which is plenty), but split it into two flavors. It’s just an extra fifty cents, and it is worth it. Let’s talk about flavors. Ian got the salted malted chocolate chip cookie dough and the peanut butter stout with chocolate chicharron. Wow that was a lot of words. I’m tired now. They were both great! Bursting with flavor. Very unique. Very creamy. I got the birthday cakes & blackberry and the almond brittle with chocolate ganache. The almond brittle one was one of the best ice creams I have ever had. The brittle had a great depth of flavor and the ganache was salty with a deep chocolate flavor. The cones were perfection. What is ice cream without cones anyways?


A lot of the times, we are hesitant to try a place that is overhyped. Always worried it won’t live up to all the talk. Salt & Straw totally did not let us down. The flavors are creative and fun. The ingredients are fresh and compliment each other beautifully. It’s probably good the place is so packed, or we would go too often! Take our advice, go on a random weekday during the late afternoon hours for the best chance of success!


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  1. Althea Bassett says:

    One of the top ice cream experiences

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  2. Cathy says:

    Sounds unspankingbelievable. Is it better than Ghirardelli sundae.

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    1. Arielle Damm says:

      It is pretty darn close!

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  3. don says:

    one of the best purveyors of one of the best foods (ice cream of course). you forgot to mention how chatty the creamista’s (ice cream’s answer to coffee’s baristas) are. No matter how long the line, once your at the counter, you are entitled to lots of sampling and flavor counseling.

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