Monello- Little Italy

Let’s talk about two of our favorite food related things this week. Brunch and Italian food. Are you sick of it yet? Too bad!! This is my blog- I write what I want. Anyways… Monello is an adorable Italian restaurant in Little Italy. It is the more down-to-earth little sister of Bencotto (located right next store). I also follow them on Instagram, and you can tell the owners are very passionate about good food, family, and Italy.

Ian and I first enjoyed Monello for my office’s Christmas party (shout out to Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital!). We had a private event with a set menu of appetizers, pizzas, entrees, and desserts. Oh yeah, and drinks. The atmosphere is perfect for a small party. The main thing I remember was the raspadura cheese. It is this thinly-sized (picture tissue paper) cheese that melts beautifully over their amazing pasta or pizzas (or directly in your mouth, who is judging?). The pizza was superb. The gnocchi was otherworldly. Perfect little soft, melty pillows of goodness. All in all, it was a fantastic meal and fantastic experience.

Recently, I have seen on social media that they have expanded to not only have brunch, but now an Italian street food lunch. Since I discovered this, I have been begging Ian to go. Which we finally did, two weekends ago for brunch! The brunch was just as delicious as dinner. I started with the caprese Bloody Mary (a bit spicy, but the caprese skewer was on point) and Ian got a coffee (because he is boring and doesn’t know how to have fun). We had a horrible hard time deciding, as the menu was loaded with interesting options including ricotta pancakes and panettone French toast. Ian got the frittata Monello- an omelette with prosciutto, zucchini, and fontina cheese served with a side of potatoes. The omelette was perfectly fluffy and seasoned. Each bite was complete and the ingredients were perfect. I got the Monello eggs benedict. A slight twist on the classic, this version has prosciutto, poached eggs, fontina cheese, and pesto hollandaise. I tell you what, I am really enjoying the pesto and eggs experiences I have been having. It is a very underrated combination, check it out sometime! The dish was perfectly composed and beautifully made. I should mention, their brunch menu also includes their cheese wheel pasta. That’s right, pasta cooked right in a big wheel of melty cheese (only on the inside- too messy to have it melty on the outside I think). One of these days, I am going to do it. I am just saving it for when I am feeling EXTRA indulgent! (I know Ian is shaking his head– he thinks I am always indulgent).

Monello is a great spot to get good, authentic Italian cuisine for a reasonable price. Check them out for brunch, lunch, or dinner. If you try the street food menu, let me know! I am dying to give it a try!

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  1. Cathy says:

    The cheese wheel sounds like your next adventure. I miss good Italian food. Being raised in NJ exposed me to homemade Italian food. Miss it!

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