San Francisco – Part 1

Recently the Dineamic Duo packed our bags and headed up to the City on the Bay (did you know that was San Francisco? I did not). I had a veterinary conference to attend and I had never been to San Fran before, so Ian was kind enough to accompany me and show me the ropes. You see, Ian and Sean received their Master’s degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He spent two years gallivanting the city and finding the best hot spots to eat. Now, he has bestowed that knowledge to me, and I will share it with you lovely folks. I am going to split it into two parts so I can give you all the best information.



Brenda’s is located on the edge of the Tenderloin. Now, I was a little hesitant to walk through this area, but it was not that bad! Brenda’s is French soul food/cajun food. They are most known for their beignets. We opted for the sampler. One original, one (ghirardelli) chocolate, one apple, and one crawfish (which we abstained from). They were great! Best ones I have had outside of the south! Ian’s favorite is the chocolate- the rich, warm, melty chocolate makes it. I really enjoyed the apple. It was the perfect apple filling- wonderfully balanced cinnamon and spices with the tartness of the apple. Ian got the egg & bacon tartine. Basically a delicious open-faced breakfast sandwich. The kicker is the tomato jam. It comes with a wonderful side of potato hash. Nice filling meal. I got the grillades & grits. It was the most amazing, well-balanced breakfast. Tender beef cutlets in a beautiful, creole gravy with grits, eggs (I got mine poached), and a wonderful cream biscuit. Each bite had fully rounded out savory flavor. It left you wanting more and more. The grits were creamy and smooth. The biscuit was light and flaky. This Southern girl was impressed!


Ian is a bit of a coffee aficionado (some may say snob). Philz is Ian’s all time favorite coffee spot. We went every day in San Francisco. It is a hip, pour over coffee spot with many imaginative blends. Ian’s favorite is the Philtered Soul. It is a medium roast with hints of hazelnut and chocolate. Ian describes it as “if coffee and a marshmallow had a baby.” (Do you see why I write the blog?) I like the mint mojito iced coffee. The fresh mint really takes this drink to another level. Ian bought four bags of beans to take home!


Oh boy have I heard a lot about Tommy’s Joynt throughout the years. This place had such a big impact on Sean and Ian that they named their business after it (The Music Joynt). Tommy’s Joynt is an old school bar with a simple food counter that specializes in carved, roasted meats. The sandwiches are the way to go. The bread is chewy on the outside and soft enough on the inside to soak up all the meaty juices.  Splurge and add the swiss cheese. The funkiness pairs perfectly with the hot, juicy meat. The pastrami is salty and flavorful with a perfect crust on it. The roast beef is simple and beefy. Perfectly cooked and gently seasoned. The mashed potatoes and gravy are smooth and fluffy. The gravy has a nice touch of rosemary in it. This food is comforting and easy. It makes you feel good. Plus, the place has a cool history.   If you want your ear bent, ask Ian about the Metallica history!



Ok, to be honest this one is my spot. Ian did not know the glory of that is the Ocean Beach sundae. The Ocean Beach sundae is a salted caramel, hot fudge sundae. Insider tip, sub out the milk chocolate for the rich, incredible dark chocolate. This sundae is piled high with creamy vanilla ice cream, thick salted caramel, full-bodied dark chocolate, and sweet whipped cream. It is the supreme ending to a great day of sightseeing in San Francisco.

Are you hooked on San Francisco yet? Stay tuned for part two for more delicious foodie destinations!



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  1. Althea Bassett says:

    Yummy looking. Have to try sundae!

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  2. Cathy says:

    Hey that Sundae is our thing. Did Ian like it because we LoVE it.?! All of it looked great.!Maybe you should write for a food magazine.?

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    1. Arielle Damm says:

      He did like it! But nothing will be as good as the time we first got it in Orlando!

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  3. don says:

    this blog is like poetry for food

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