Crack Shack

IMG_0030Sticking to the theme of our last post, let’s talk about some more great Southern food! I know what you’re thinking, this is a blog about San Diego; why don’t we focus on burritos, tacos, carne fries, etc. Don’t worry, we will. However, you can’t take a girl away from her roots. I feel it is my responsibility to show all y’all So Cal folks where to find genuine Southern eats. So, for this adventure into deliciousness we are going to talk about fried chicken. An absolute staple in the South. Now, ask any true Southerner where you can find good fried chicken and most will point you in the direction of a grocery store (shout out to Publix) or their momma’s kitchen. So where do you find good fried chicken in San Diego? At The Crack Shack in Little Italy.

I’ve previously mentioned The Crack Shack in our post about Juniper & Ivy. At the time, I actually didn’t know they were more than just neighboring restaurants. They are both helmed by Chef Richard Blais. No wonder it’s so amazing! The Crack Shack is the down-to-Earth, girl next door little sister to Juniper & Ivy, but it’s still every bit just as fantastic (and if you’re like me you can actually afford to go there more than once a year). The atmosphere is fun and funky with all outdoor seating, cornhole boards, and a great bar. I recommend the frosé.

So let’s talk about the main event… the fried chicken! I love fried chicken so, so much. It’s the best snack to bring out on the water or to a picnic or after a night/day of drinking. In my humble opinion, the key to a good fried chicken is the crispiness to the breading and the juiciness of the meat. I prefer white meat, which works out great because Ian is a thigh guy. Wait, that came out wrong… Anyways… The chicken at The Crack Shack meets all these criteria and then some! I’m a sucker for fried chicken sandwiches, so I recommend the Coop Deville (which has napa cabbage slaw and pickled fresno chiles on top). If you are looking for a little more heat, Ian recommends the Firebird (spicy chicken thigh, ranch, pickles, crispy onions). You absolutely have to get the Schmalz fries as a side. They are cooked in chicken fat and they are heavenly. Plus, they have all the sauces you could ever want for dipping. My personal favorite is the ranch. What can I say? I’m a purist.


One more thing that I love about The Crack Shack that may seem a little off the wall. You ready? It’s their deviled eggs. Not something you typically think about getting a restaurant, right? Wrong! These deviled eggs are something else entirely. They come topped with a french toast crumble and candied bacon. I put them in the top deviled eggs I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of deviled eggs, y’all). The only downside? They only come 4 to an order! I think I could eat about a dozen.

The Crack Shack has this Southern gal’s approval! Not that it needs it… being owned by a celebrity-chef and all, but that’s what this blog is all about! We love it so much, we even made it our banner picture!

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