Antique Row Cafe


I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I’m Southern. I was born and raised in the Carolinas (with a few stops in between). One of my biggest hang ups about moving to San Diego to join my darling was that I didn’t want to leave behind my Southern food. Fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, pulled pork, peach cobbler… The list goes on and on. Number one on that list is biscuits and gravy. So to get me out here, Ian promised me he would find me a steady place to find good old fashioned biscuits and gravy. At the time, I laughed in his face. I remember telling him I didn’t want a “fancied up version.” He took the task seriously and started taste testing while I was preparing for the big move. Day two of living in San Diego, Ian finally told me he found the place and we went there for a hearty breakfast after our 5 day cross country road trip. That place was called Antique Row on Adams Avenue, and let me tell you what, I had to eat crow (and some awesome biscuits and gravy).

First of all, the biscuit is ginormous. Which is the first rule of good comfort food, am I right? The gravy is rich and warm and utterly delicious. True to tradition, it is a sausage gravy. However, it almost has a hollandaise-esque taste/color to it that takes it to the next level. And Antique Row doesn’t just leave it at plain B’s & G’s, they also have specials like The Hobo Scrambler (plenty of eggs, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and potatoes mixed in) and the Country Bene (basically an Egg’s Benedict but with biscuits, sausage, eggs, and gravy). They are fantastic. Ian and I generally have to split them!

To be honest, we have probably been to Antique Row at least 10 times since that first visit, and it has never disappointed. The atmosphere is awesome (think retro, funky diner with knick knacks covering the walls). The service is always spectacular. The coffee is heavenly (go for the hazelnut). And the food is stick to your ribs delicious. I’ve never left that place not completely satisfied and stuffed to the gills!


Do you have more of a sweet tooth in the morning? Don’t worry, Antique Row has got you covered there too! They are known for their giant cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls. They even make them into French toast! Speaking of French toast, Ian and I both agree that they have the best French Toast we have ever had. It’s one of their specials and it is French toast coated in Frosted Flakes. Not overly sweet, with a nice crunch. Topped with strawberries with a side of eggs and potatoes (do the Monterrey cake– it’ll change your life). Last week, they upped their game and made it with chocolate Frosted Flakes. Who even knew that was a thing? It was a 10/10, and made two complete meals!

Do yourself a favor. Head over to Adams Avenue and go to Antique Row for breakfast. You will have a great meal and feel right at home. I know this Southern girl did!  

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  1. Agreed! Antique Row is a must stop for breakfast while in San Diego!

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