South Carolina Trip Part One: Charleston


Dear readers, I’d like to apologize for my lapse in entries. Things have been… a little overwhelming on my end for the last few weeks and I just haven’t felt the creative juices flowing. Worry not, they are back and better than ever (maybe? I just felt like that sounded like the right thing to say). To ease myself back into the writing scene, we are going to talk about something near and dear to my heart. You guessed it, the South! Ian and I recently had the pleasure to return to my heartland of Charleston, South Carolina for my dear friend Kristin Mayhall’s wedding to her longtime love Clarke Hinson. Of course, we took advantage of the visit to hit some of our favorite spots and check out some new ones!


This spot has been on my personal list for YEARS. It was one of the first places Guy Fieri visited during the early seasons of Triple D. It is a hometown, homegrown neighborhood spot known for its soul food specialties. After years of dreaming, this place was a great re-introduction into Southern food! I, of course, got the fried green tomato PoBoy with pimento cheese and a side of grits. It was… perfection. The fried green tomatoes were wonderfully crunchy and expertly seasoned. Nice amount of kick to them. The grits were thick and creamy, just how I like them. Ian got the pork chop sandwich. Well seasoned, had the best of both vegetarian and meat worlds, and was juicy and delicious! Recommended by Guy himself!



Home Team BBQ holds a special place in my heart. I often dream of their pulled pork BBQ nachos. The BEST combination of smoked meat, cheese, chow chows and relishes, and crunchy tortilla chips. Ian and I had this on the top of our places to visit! Of course we got the nachos, but we also went a little crazy and ordered half the menu. We got a small order of the Bunswick stew- a meaty, hearty, BBQ stew made with everything you ever could want in one dish. Theirs is one of my all time favorites. We also split (between the table) the fried mac N’ cheese balls and the smoked wings. It was all delicious and filling! The smell of that place alone is drool inducing.



Ok. Sometimes you stumble upon a place purely by accident and it completely blows your mind. Vicious Biscuit is one of those places. It was a five minute walk from where we were staying on Shim’s Creek. Now, y’all know I love biscuits, and I know my biscuit places. I have been to all the big names (Biscuit Head, Biscuit Love, The Flying Biscuit, etc). Let me tell you. This one is THE ABSOLUTE BEST ONE OF THEM ALL (Editors note – she is not wrong, they are the best biscuits I’ve ever had, and possibly the best meal in the south I’ve ever had -Ian-). It utterly blew our collective minds when we ate there. The biscuits themselves are good, but man, the concoctions they make out of them were where it is at (so to speak)! I got The Fat Boy. One of their delicious buttermilk biscuits topped with fried chicken, pimento cheese, and a hot honey drizzle. Whoa buddy where to start. That pimento cheese was the most amazing I have ever had (and again, I have had a lot). It was creamy, tangy, and melted beautifully. Every bite was better than the one before it. I would kill for their recipe! Ian got The Vicious. A jalapeño and cheddar biscuit topped with fried chicken, gravy, cowboy candy, and a maple syrup drizzle. The balance of sweet and savory was perfect!  Very filling and packed full of flavor! Somehow, he finished it all! We also go a sweet potato biscuit to split between the two of us! It was like dessert for breakfast. The greatest part? There is a WHOLE section of free jams, jellies, and butters you can put on said biscuits! Let’s see? Which was the top? The banana jelly? Cinnamon honey butter? Raspberry? Apple? We couldn’t decide! Seriously. I will DREAM of this place until we go back in April of 2020. But for real… if the owners wanted to open up a west coast location (in San Diego preferably), I will gladly be the scout and do all the leg work! Hit me up!!


I hope you enjoyed this long overdue post! Stay tuned for next week when I talk about our time in my hometown of Beaufort, SC!

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  1. Don says:

    Am I the only one with a sudden craving for a biscuit?

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  2. Althea Bassett says:

    Can’t wait to try The Vicious!

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