Once upon a time, there was a young couple that was deeply in love and full of adventure. They lived in a small, quaint village called San Diego. They enjoyed spending time together- exploring the village, tasting the local fare, and enjoying the mead selection. One weekend, they decided to embark on a journey to a beautiful castle. That castle was located in a magical place called Disneyland! Plot twist- we are that couple. Another plot twist- this is our blog about our trip to Disneyland!

One of the greatest things about being in San Diego is how close we are to Disneyland! To make that even sweeter, Disneyland has a deal for two and three day Southern California resident passes! It is a total steal and 100% worth it. So we loaded up our car, dropped off the doggies, and headed to the happiest place on Earth! As every true Disney fan knows, part of the magic of the park is the food. I have been frequenting Disney parks for many years, so I have my checklist of snacks and foods that I HAVE to get. Usually, the top of that list is reserved for corn dogs, Dole whip, and Mickey pretzels. This year, we decided to try some new food, and it was amazing! Side note, there is a Dole whip stand in Mission Beach. Same product, lower price, and less of a line! Although I am hesitant to share this with everyone because I want to keep it that way!


We started our weekend in the Disneyland park. The eating began with my new favorite snack!  An updated version of an old classic– the soft pretzel. This soft pretzel is filled with cream cheese. It is salty, sweet, and warm. Ian got the jalapeño cheese pretzel. Picture if a jalapeño popper had a baby with a soft pretzel. We also had a great day riding rides, watching the Pixar play parade, and meeting Disney characters (i.e. Kylo Ren wahoo!). The highlight as always was Space Mountain. And it didn’t even break down this time!

Day two was spent at California Adventure. AKA Disney foodie paradise. We went a little nuts on day two. Drinking, eating, gallivanting. It was a blast and a half. We decided to try something new for lunch (sorry corn dogs you know I love ya), so we went to Award Wieners and tried some of the specialty hot dogs. Ian got the classic chili cheese dog and I got the BBQ crunch dog. The best part of the hot dog honestly? The bun. It was grilled, buttery, and perfectly hardy. The chili cheese dog was a beautiful take on the classic. Topped with pepper jack cheese and love. The BBQ crunch dog was the perfect hot dog. A cheddar dog topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, and fried onions. The snap on that cheddar sausage was utter perfection. You could hear it all across Anaheim. The hot dogs come with fries. On these fries, you can add any of the toppings you can get on the hot dogs. Ian got the spicy city fries– topped with chipotle crema, queso fresco, and pico. I got mine chili cheese style.  Reason to get the fry toppers?  It’s like doubling down on the flavor combinations they offer for the dogs – you can try a dog one style and your fries another style, and get the best of both worlds!


What’s the perfect snack on a hot, Disney afternoon? An ice cream sundae of course. And what’s the best sundae? The salted caramel sundae from Ghirardelli. Get it with the dark chocolate. It’s amazing. It is salty, sweet, decadent, and somehow smokey. We split it– but since Ian is a good boyfriend, I got a little over 50% (thanks boo!).

We had a fantastic, magical time at Disneyland. It really is a place where dreams come true. It is the perfect place to spend a romantic day away from home. Plus, growing up is overrated!!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Wait a minute. I remember that sundae from Disneyworld. It is awesome! I still think about it and regard it as one of my favorite dessert treats.

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