Waypoint Public – North Park, San Diego


Do any of y’all have those places in your neighborhood that you drive by all the time and think-  Oh, I should really try that place sometime? For us, that one place was Waypoint Public in North Park. It was one of the few places on our original list that we had to roll over from last year because we never made it over there! And by over there… I mean the like five minute drive from our house. We are ashamed! And upset that we missed out on a good opportunity for a scrumptious meal. Waypoint Public is a spacious joint located in North Park on the corner of North Park Way and 30th Street. The menu is loaded with upscale, elevated bar food. There is also an excellent and diverse draft beer menu chock-full of local brews. Also, if you are a busy parent, there is a whole kids’ section! If you are not a parent like us, the restaurant is pretty big so you can stay secluded from the younger crew. It’s got something for everyone!


We finally checked this place out on a random Wednesday evening when I had kind of a rough day and Ian decided to treat me to a nice dinner out of the house (getchu a man who know what you need, ladies). Food solves all problems, am I right? We started our meal with a good beer and the deviled eggs. Excuse me, loaded deviled eggs. The yolk is mixed with cheddar and ranch and then topped with bacon and chives. Picture ranch potato salad meets deviled egg– a true picnic in your mouth! It’s creamy and smooth and exciting. And before you ask- do not make me compare these to the ones at The Crack Shack. Completely different experiences for both! So disclaimer, I believe this dinner was when Ian was doing Keto, so prepared to be amazed by his order! Ian ordered a bowl of the chili and a side of the chicken wings in the classic buffalo sauce. Protein and fats, baby! The chili was your classic ground beef, five pepper mix topped with cheddar cheese and jalapeno crema. Warm and hearty and stick to your ribs! Per Ian, it was almost as good as his mom’s! And he loves his momma’s chili! The wings were crunchy and tangy with their homemade ranch. He enjoyed his protein-fest thoroughly!

I also went low carb. Just kidding! Did I get you with that one? No? You must really know me by now! I got the Public Burger– which I quickly bumped to my favorite burger in San Diego! This burger is scrumptious in a upgraded, yet classic, way. This beef burger patty is topped with aged white cheddar, roasted garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a gourmet bun. I added avocado (which I strongly recommend). This burger is juicy and meaty and full of happiness. The sharpness of the cheese is the perfect compliment to that meaty goodness. The garlic aioli adds the perfect creaminess and freshness. The herbed fries make the ideal sidekick for this top notch burger. Dip them in some ranch and you will be on cloud nine.


There are many more menu items we want to explore. They even have one of my favorite sandwiches ever– a fried green tomato BLT! Have any of you had it? Is it life changing? We’d love to hear from you about things you have tried here! Don’t forget about the brunch menu! I saw a chocolate krispy french toast, so you know I’m interested! Anyone want to join us?

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  1. AltheaBassett says:

    Love a good burger! Will try, for sure

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  2. Don says:

    How does one decide between the brunch and non-brunch menu? All sounds deliciously evil.

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