IMG_0338Here’s a fun story about the time Ian and I went to Del Mar Fair! Oh wait no. That’s not what happened. We got up to Del Mar Fairgrounds and found.. nothing!  Poor Ian did not realize that the fair ends July 4th. And poor Arielle did not get the corndog and fried Oreos she spent all day dreaming about. So how did sweet Ian make it up to me? He took me out to a nice dinner in Del Mar at a lovely place called Prepkitchen!

I’ll be honest, ya’ll. I was really disappointed I didn’t get my fair food. I love fried food. Love it to my very core. So, I came into this dinner disappointed. However, the food at Prepkitchen was so sinfully good, I did not leave that way. Prepkitchen is an eclectic spot with seasonal, farm to table meals and a gorgeous outside patio. It has a very homey feel to it, that made me instantly nostalgic of back South (even though there was no sweet tea.. Why do you do this to me California?). So let’s just dive right into the good stuff. Have I mentioned yet I’m a burger person? Well, I am. So much so that I’m fairly certain my last meal choice would be a bacon pimento cheeseburger (most likely from Fat Patty’s back in Beaufort, SC). If I couldn’t have fair food, I’m going for my old standby. I ordered the Whisknladle burger. A delicious, messy, fabulous burger topped with most of my favorite things- a fried egg, gruyere, bacon, caramelized onions, and remoulade. In the first bite, the egg yolk broke and covered the burger in deliciousness (and also my face). I guess I should talk about Ian’s food too. He got the pork schnitzel. At least one of us got fried food, am I right? I’d never eaten schnitzel before, but from what Ian said, this was a very good version! I did eat a couple of bites to get my fried food fix. I insisted on dessert, so we ended with the peanut butter chocolate cake. Ian saw the words “peanut butter,” and the choice was made. Best part? The peanut butter frosting. Delicious. I will say, the cake was a little dry, but with the frosting and ice cream, it ended up working out well together.

We were both very impressed with Prepkitchen. While it was no greasy, guilty pleasure fair food, we still both left satisfied (and honestly our stomachs probably would thank us for that later). We agreed to try some of the sister locations in the Whisknladle family. We also agreed that Ian has to take me to the fair twice next year!

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